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FIX Cluj: a roadmap for your start-up journey

FIX Cluj is a community-driven incubation program designed to equip aspiring entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, resources, and networks necessary to navigate the start-up journey.

This 10-month hybrid program helps young innovators tackle some of the most pressing social challenges and create digital solutions with a positive impact on their communities.


  • Online e-learning hub | May – June
  • Hybrid, online & in Cluj-Napoca | July – November


Part 1 – The Pre-incubator is a free online e-learning hub created for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to join the start-up ecosystem, but it is also open to everyone interested in social innovation. As part of this phase, 40 teams will be selected for the second part of the program – the incubator – through an in-person bootcamp.


Part 2 – the hybrid part of the program is an incubator created for young founders and teams who are looking to build and grow their start-up ideas. In order to participate in this part of the program, teams must meet the eligibility criteria and be selected at the end of the pre-incubator (read more about eligibility criteria in the FAQ).

16 April - 07 May

Registration open

07 May

Pre-incubator begins

14 – 16 June

FIX Bootcamp

1 July – 10 Aug

Incubator – Part 1: Ideation

10 Aug

Demo Day 1

12 Aug – 8 Sept

Summer break

9 Sept – 11 Nov

Incubator – Part 2: Incubation

14 Nov

Demo Day 2

02 – 08 Dec

FIX Awards Gala

Who can apply

The FIX program is designed for aspiring entrepreneurs, professionals, or individuals who are passionate about social innovation.

The Pre-incubator is ideal for:

  • Students or working professionals with ideas or expertise
  • Individuals who have an interest in the start-up world
  • Early-stage founders looking for guidance and resources

The Incubator is open to:

  • Teams aged 16 to 26 who live or study or work in Cluj-Napoca
  • Potential or early-stage start-ups that address social challenges

Inside the program

The FIX experience is a hybrid program that consists of two parts with a dual mission of boosting the entrepreneurial skills of every participant and growing sustainable start-ups.

Phase 1: Pre-incubator

07 May – 11 June

Online content and challenges will guide you through the essentials of the startup journey, including:

  • Understanding the key principles of starting a startup
  • Defining and validating the problem your business aims to solve
  • Developing and validating the solution
  • Designing your business model

At the end of Phase 1, you’ll attend the FIX Bootcamp where you can form your team and begin working on your initial pitch. If selected, you’ll receive an invitation to join Phase 2 and an initial financial support of € 3.000/team.

Phase 2: Incubator - Part 1

1 July – 10 Aug

2-month tailored journey filled with online trainings, mentorship sessions, and financial support of € 12.000/team.

Here are a few topics your team will cover:

  • How to build your team
  • Business model
  • How to validate the solution
  • Competition Research
  • Market size analysis
  • The basics of legal
  • Financing for early start-ups

At the end of this stage, your team will put all the knowledge into action during a Demo Day event by preparing a pitch and presenting the solution. 10 teams will receive the financial support and will be selected for the next stage.

Phase 2: Incubator - Part 2

9 Sept – 11 Nov

2 months of custom-designed learning, mentorship sessions, meetings with subject matter experts, and financial support of € 35.000/team.

Here are a few topics your team will cover:

  • Project management
  • Business model
  • Marketing and PR
  • Market entry strategy
  • Legal, financing, and funding your startup
  • Creation of minimum viable products

At the end of this stage, your team will showcase the evolution of your start-up during a Demo Day event by preparing a pitch and presenting the solution. The 4 winners of this edition will be announced at the FIX Awards Gala and receive financial support.

How to join FIX

The application process will be made through the FIX platform powered by Code of Talent. It should take no more than 15 minutes to complete the application.

To get started, you need to register on the platform by creating an account. To complete the application process, you must accomplish a series of missions. During this process, you will have to register, answer a few questions, and approve the program terms.

The application deadline is May 7, 2024, at 11:59 PM. Please keep in mind that registrations will not be accepted after this deadline. Applications are only accepted through the FIX platform powered by Code of Talent by completing the process of registration and the assignments provided.

In case of any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at We are more than happy to assist you in the application process.

After the application deadline, the pre-incubator phase will begin and last for 5 weeks. All applicants will receive notifications about the next steps and program events via the platform and our official communication channels.

Register on the FIX platform

Click here and create your account.

Set up your account

Customize your profile and explore the platform.

Complete the missions

To finalize the application process, please complete the missions.

Follow the link below to create your account and get started!
Registrations are open until May 7, 2024.

Call for intent

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Join the extended team and be the guide that will help future entrepreneurs achieve their dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply? Am I eligible?

The Pre-incubation part is open to everyone (individuals or teams) who has an interest in the start-up ecosystem.

In the Incubation part, we accept teams that meet the following criteria:

  • every team is required to be formed of 2 – 5 members
  • members are required to have 16 – 26 years old at the application moment
  • every member must live or study or work in Cluj-Napoca
  • every member must complete the Pre-incubator phase
  • applicants must have an idea or early-stage start-up dedicated to solving a social problem using innovative technology
Can I join the program if I live outside Cluj-Napoca?

This is a hybrid program that consists of two parts. The pre-incubation will be an online learning experience, but for the incubator, you must meet the eligibility criteria.

How long is the program?

The FIX program is a 10-month journey:

  • The Pre-incubator: 5 weeks of online learning
  • The Incubator: 4 months of intensive hybrid learning
    • Ideation Phase: 2 months
    • Incubation Phase: 2 months
How much time must be allocated to the program?

The FIX program is divided into 2 phases:

  • Phase 1 – the Pre-incubator will be online throughout  May. You’ll need to commit 15-25 hours to engage with the provided video content and assignments, which means 3-5 hours weekly.
  • If selected, Phase 2 – the Incubator runs from July to November in Cluj-Napoca. During this time, teams will dedicate 3-5 hours per week to hands-on training and mentorship sessions. Additionally, participants are encouraged to work on their start-up, applying the knowledge gained.

Throughout the Incubator, we will organize in-person events. These are optional, but you may wish to attend.

What am I required to commit?

For the Pre-incubator part, you’ll have flexibility based on self-paced learning.

For the Incubator part, you’ll need to attend the trainings, 1:1 mentorship sessions, and 1:1 meetings with subject-matter experts. The teams may also be invited to curated events.

In which language is the program conducted?

The main training sessions and events are conducted in Romanian. However, there is a possibility of encountering materials, stakeholder meetings, or Demo Day events in English. In such cases, it’s necessary to ensure that you or your teammates possess an average or advanced command of English.

Is this program free or does it have a cost?

This program is free for all participants. However if you are selected in the Incubation phase and based outside of Cluj-Napoca, travel and accommodation are not covered.

How does the Pre-Incubator differ from Incubator?

The Pre-incubator part is an online e-learning hub where individuals can boost their entrepreneurial skills. Every applicant will have access to curated online learning resources and hands-on support.

The Incubator part is for start-up ideas or early-stage start-ups. The selected teams will receive up to € 50.000 in funding, tailored support, and knowledge to build thriving start-ups.

Who can get to the second part of the program - the Incubator?

Only teams that meet the eligibility criteria will have the opportunity to advance to the incubator phase.

If we didn’t join the Pre-incubator, can my team still be selected in the Incubator?

No, every member of your team must participate in the Pre-incubator to be eligible for the Incubator.

If one of our team members doesn't meet the eligibility criteria, can our team still participate?

No, every member of your team must meet the eligibility criteria.




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